A commission begins… Into the Sacred Sea.

Jan 02 2021
Edd Johannemann

The commission process, for me, is an opportunity to collaborate and ultimately craft a shared vision into a tangible finished artwork. I find this to be quite fulfilling. The first step is discussing the project with the person(s) commissioning the work. I also explain how my process works, establish expectations, and determine a time line. The physical aspects of the work need to be determined, how large is it to be, its purpose, are there color preferences, etc. Finally, I explain in detail my contract. It is important that expectations be established from the very beginning. I find this limits unpleasant surprises all around, and enables me to meet the client’s expectations without sacrificing my role as an artist.

Into the Sacred Sea is an example of such a collaboration. We began with a conversation about the piece being commissioned. The collector had a specific place for the artwork. She wanted a stained glass panel to fill the space above a knee wall that divided two rooms. I also wanted to know more about the person commissioning the work. Talking with the collector revealed that she is very found of Japanese woodblock prints. I had her show me examples of pieces she really liked. We also discussed her preferences in colors, which gave me a beginning palette, and we agreed on a size. Next, we defined timelines and expectations, and agreed upon the cost for the artwork. Finally, we discussed my contract in detail. The client and I both signed the contract and an initial payment was made for work to begin.

The next post will be about what happens once the work begins. If you are interested in any of the artworks on my site, want to commission a work, or just wish to contact me, you can leave a note here or reach out to me at edd@glasschisel.com.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Edd. Commissions seem difficult and scary for many artists. Thanks for breaking the process down into steps.

    1. Your most welcome Jeff! You are not alone in sharing that sentiment. I the found prospect of commissions to be intimidating as well. The key I believe, is defining roles and expectations from the very beginning. For an artist this means knowing what one’s process and boundaries.

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