Eve Forgets

Eve Forgets was created as my mother was battling dementia, and is a response to the larger questions occurring to me during this time. Where do lost memories go? Are we still responsible for that which we no longer remember? Does having a lifetime of knowledge  unwillingly taken result in a type of salvation or redemption? As these questions arose I was drawn to the Biblical story of Eve and original sin. 

In this artwork the image of Eve is tiled and fused into fifteen overlapping glass panes. Eve appears to gaze at the viewer whether the piece is seen from the front or back. The glass panes are arranged in five layers, three panes to a layer. The image of Eve is fragmented, and has the appearance of her form fading and coming apart like a memory. The layered image also shifts as one moves about the artwork much as memories do with changes in perspective and time. 

As my mother’s dementia progressed, feathers came to represent how fleeting memories and knowledge can be. The stained glass feathers in the artwork were assembled using the copper foil method. Like leaves, the feathers float from the Tree of Knowledge. The tree itself is constructed from copper tubing, copper gauze and solder. A black patina was applied to give the tree an aged and decaying look. The apple at the base of the tree is carved from eastern red cedar. The base and trellis are constructed from rough cut white ash The construction of the piece grows progressively less refined from the bottom of the piece to the top, conveying the exile of Eve from Eden and her return as memories and knowledge fade.

36″W x 73″H x 18″D