Tree of Knowledge: Good and Evil

Knowledge, good, evil, redemption and grace are themes that frequently occur in my sculptures. Is knowledge intrinsically good or evil, or is it the application of knowledge that determines benevolence or malevolence? Is the realization that good and evil exist in the world also knowledge, or something deeper? Within the sculpture multiple colors of feathers are seemingly blowing away. What remains with the tree are a single white, and single black feather.

In the sculpture, multiple layers of glass are used to build the stream and rock outcropping on which the tree stands. Space was made between the layers to create texture and add depth to the water. The tree itself is twisted copper wire. The feathers were each individually wrapped in copper foil and wire before soldering. The wooden base is open so that sculpture may be lit from below if desired. Walnut, cherry, and sculpted eastern red cedar woods complete the sculpture.

12.5”W x 6.5”H x 5.5”D